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League Breakdown: Grade (Current grade in the spring)
Wiffleball: Pre-K

Practice and Game Information

2021 Season


Practices are on weeknights (Monday-Thursday) at 5:30 PM or 7:00 PM at Avery Park, Emerald Fields, Scottish Corners Elementary, or Wyandot Elementary.  Practices are 90 minutes.  Practices begin on Monday, April 12 and conclude Thursday, May 6.

Teams will be scheduled for 12 regular season games.

May:  regular season games beginning Saturday, May 1
One weeknight game per week (Monday-Thursday) at 6:15 PM and one Saturday game per week at 3:00 PM, 5:15 PM, or 7:30 PM.

June:  regular season games concluding Saturday, June 19
One weeknight game per week (Monday-Wednesday) at 6:00 PM or 8:15 PM and one Saturday game per week at 12:30 PM, 2:45 PM, 5:00 PM, or 7:15 PM. 

Single elimination tournament begins on Monday, June 21 for grades 3-8 and concludes Saturday, June 26.

All games for grades 3-12 will be at Avery Park.  Most games for grades K-2 will also be held at Avery Park with a few games at Emerald Fields.

Games postponed due to weather or field conditions could be made up on Fridays or Sundays in May.  In June, games can be made up on Thursdays, Fridays, or Sundays.

Bat Information

DYA will fully transition to the 2018 USA Baseball Bat Standard (USABat) this year as that was our plan for 2020. If you are purchasing a new baseball bat, purchase one with the USA Baseball Logo. Please visit the USA Baseball Website: USA Bats

Wiffleball Information

The Wiffleball season begins at the end of May. Teams will practice once a week the week of May 17 and May 24. Games will start  on June 1.  One game during the week and one on Saturday. Seasons ends on June 29. 


  1. Each batter has the option to hit a pitched ball or have the ball place on a Tee for his/her at- bat. The Tee is located immediately in front of and parallel to the front of home plate.

    If the player chooses to hit a pitched ball, he/she will have four pitches only, regardless of the quality of pitch, to put the ball in play. If the ball is not put in play in 4 pitches, it will be placed on the Tee.

  2. All players present at the game will bat once every inning, except the lead-off hitter each inning will bat twice and will also be the last hitter up each inning. The next inning starts with a different player leading off and batting last in the inning. Thus, the number of inning ending home runs in the game is equal to the number of innings, and different players each game get those honors.

  3. Any plastic bat is legal, regardless of size.

  4. The field set up has home plate where the second base would ordinarily be and second base where home plate would be. Thus the fences serve as outfield fences.

  5. Any ball hit over the fence in fair territory is a home run and the batter may circle the bases. Otherwise, players may advance only one base at a time.

  6. Regardless of the number of outs recorded, a half inning continues until the entire line-up of the batting team has batted. Runners who are ruled out shall remain on base and circle the bases until crossing home (i.e. everyone scores each inning).

  7. Coaches should work with players who have a tendency to throw their bats.

  8. Defensive positions should be as close as possible to the standard baseball defensive positions with the extra players filling positions in between the regular positions. There is no catcher in this league.


Dublin Youth Athletics is an association of parent volunteers providing sports programs for kids. Coaches and league officials are volunteers. Please take time to thank them for making this program possible for your children.

Wiffleball is for youths who are pre-kindergartners in the season of play, and are entering kindergarten the following fall.

The season begins in late May and ends in June. 

Each team is scheduled to play a total of 8 games and 4 practices, generally two events per week, one during a weekday and one on Saturday
Each game lasts approximately 55 minutes. No new inning starts after one hour from the scheduled start time. Six or seven innings may be played, provided the time does not exceed one hour.

Games and practices will generally be held at one of the following locations: Bailey Elementary or Eli Pinney Elementary (Location could change due to availability)

Players will receive a team shirt and hat. Parents should provide baseball pants, playing shoes (without spikes) and gloves or mitts. Medals will be provided to each player at the end of the season.

Picture Day for all Wiffleball players and their team is generally scheduled for the first Saturday game in June. Details and photo packages will be given out to the coach at the coaches meeting.  


  1. Games are to start promptly at the scheduled times.

  2. There is no minimum number of players to start a game.

  3. Games should be kept moving along. Coaches are expected to have their players ready to bat and to have their team ready to take the field after all players have batted.

  4. Players should warm-up by playing catch. There is no need for teams to take infield warm- up procedures prior to the game or between innings.

  5. Head coaches will encourage assistant coaches and parents to help in lining up the players and prepare them to bat so that the progress of the games is not delayed.

  6. Head coaches or assistant coaches will pitch to their own team members.

    Head coaches or assistant coaches will also act as umpires: The umpire should be positioned behind home plate and will be responsible for putting the ball in play by placing it on the Tee and announcing "Play Ball" after verifying that all players are ready, thereby indicating that the hitter may take his/her swing at he ball. The base coaches will also be umpires for plays at first and third bases. The defensive team's coach will be the umpire for plays at second base.

  7. Head coaches are required to handle his/her team's fans. Games may be terminated for fan unruliness.

  8. No alcohol beverages are allowed at any DYA game, including Wiffleball games.

  9. Head coaches will ensure that the field is in playable condition for the next game. Everyone is responsible for the proper disposal of any trash or debris left behind by themselves or their teammates. Everyone will also be responsible for collecting his/her own equipment and personal belongings brought to the games.


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